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Tax Preparation

We've been doing taxes since 1996 with training from Nationwide Income Tax Services and H&R Block.  We have prepared state income tax returns for New York, Michigan and Arizona as well as the required city income tax returns in those states.
Our tax clients are individuals and small businesses with diverse backgrounds.  Most individuals have children and some have 401K, 403b or taxable investments, rental properties or businesses.
We utilize the latest software on our in-house computers and we occasionally use web-based software to electronically file returns.  We are also schooled in the "old fashion" paper and pencil method and can file paper returns when required.
Our pricing strategy is similar to the nationally know tax services, which tends to be form-driven.  Our rates are lower because we have to compete with the larger companies with larger advertising budgets.  Nevertheless, our work is accurate and we stand behind our clients.  If you get a letter from the IRS or state taxing authority, we help you respond to it and will write letters and fax on your behalf.
Our client base is not very large because we turn down clients who appear to being involved in fraudulent activities.  However, the clients we do have are loyal because they recognize good service and appreciate that we keep them out of financial trouble.

General Information

Tax Preparation Rates

as low as $100  and includes:
  • preparation of local, state and federal returns
  • electronic filing
  • responding to correspondence you might receive the government
  • writing official responses on your behalf
  • attending an audit with you (should that happen)

Turnaround Time

Within 48 hours, you will know if the IRS has accepted your return (if you have less than four W-2s and no additional schedules)

Common Tax Forms and Schedules

  • Schedule A (itemized deductions)
  • Schedule B (interest and dividends)
  • Schedule C (self employment)
  • Schedule D (investments)
  • Schedule EIC (earned income credit)
  • MI Property Tax Credit
  • MI Home Heating Credit 
These forms are not included in the $100 rate and will incur additional charges.  Rates are subject to change each tax year or may vary with an individual tax situation.

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