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Web Design

Our web design services have been around since 1999 and was re-branded as HH Web Design in 2010. Our first project was for a nonprofit that wanted an online database of its professional members.  At that time, there were not a lot of readily available tools to customize and rollout.  Today there are more off-the-shelf and open source solutions and this application is now known as a directory listing.
Our next few projects were for singers who wanted websites, which is how our web design business grew. We became versed in multimedia applications such as music players, flash video and flash photo albums.

Consequently, our native design style is more vibrant, artistic and colorful than the traditional business look. We have learned to tone down the color choices and simplify the design layouts when required. We now have more clients outside of the arts and entertainment reflected in our web design portfolio.


General Information

Web Design Rates

as low as $75  and includes:
  • one year domain name registration
  • a professonal e-mail address
  • one page  website with a paragraph and contact details

Turnaround Time

within 48 hours if the customer provides all the text and photos upfront (for a one page site)

Common Design Elements

  • Blog
  • Bulletin Board
  • Contact Form
  • Event Calendar
  • File Sharing
  • Flash Intro
  • Music Player
  • Photo Gallery
  • Shopping Cart
  • Video Gallery
These features are not included in the $75 rate and will incur additional charges and will require full web hosting.


Business Services

We take consulting very seriously and offer other business services such as:
We also offer referrals to providers of financial services such as:
  • life insurance
  • annuities
  • mutual funds
  • investment planning
  • mortgages
  • credit score improvement.